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Overview of Conscious Practice

Joshua James Small remains forefront of the sustainable conversation, both as a brand, and as an individual. Passionate about the long-term impact of the fashion industry, Small aims to produce immersive contemporary pieces that are sustainably conscious, without aesthetic limitation. Listed below are ways in which we are attempting to combat existing issues, whilst remaining creative in a responsible way.

Through a considered design process, we ensure that pieces are made to be long lasting and durable, placing emphasis on a ‘buy less, buy well’ methodology.

As a collective society, we must acknowledge that fashion can never truly be sustainable. Sustainable Fashion is an oxymoron, however we utilise the term to make it understood that we are producing in a more responsible manner, considerate of the issues that the wider fashion industry contributes. As a brand, we cannot claim to be perfect, but we hope to set a reliable precedent, and a strong catalyst for further development. We are always open to conversation, critique and suggestions for further improvement, so please contact us at

Sizeable waste product is kept and reutilised for future samples or new designs, depending on quality and quantity. Any unusable waste product is disposed of in an appropriate manner, with materials recycled through local outlets where possible.

We continue to support the work of artisanal craftspeople and localised seamstresses.

Small also raises awareness to issues of sustainable matters and partakes in conversation on conscious design, through the extension of his writing, and his guest lecturing at various institutions.

A lion share of our pieces are formed from dead-stock and reclaimed fabrics. These are sourced and collected from various outlets on a sporadic basis. Joshua James Small is also supplied with deadstock materials by companies including consistent sponsors Swarovski, Sophie Hallette, and Ultrafabrics. In addition, pieces are created from organic fibres and ethically produced material. This includes the use of:

  • OCIA certified organic bamboo silk sourced from sustainably managed bamboo forests (FSC certified).

  • Fabrics coloured using azo free dye stuff.

  • Recycled polyester thread and natural cotton thread.

  • GOTS certified organic cotton yarn.

Transparency is paramount in producing a sustainable output. For this reason, all known and accessible information regarding the composition of each garment is listed through the brand website at date of release.

All garments are designed and made in England, and pieces are produced on a made-to-order basis. Everything is manufactured on a small scale, and nothing is produced in large quantities.

Under the brands press loan agreement, all packaging, including garment bags, hangers, and shipping containers, must be returned to be re-used or reutilised.

Joshua James Small is listed through upcycling platform RETURE, giving consumers the option to upcycle or repair garments, which reinforces Small’s drive for a more circular economy.

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